Pure Water Meter - WA-300  純水測試儀 / 水質測試器
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產品名稱 : Pure Water Meter - WA-300 純水測試儀 / 水質測試器
產地 : 中國臺灣
產品分類 : 路昌
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聯絡信息 : 運揚有限公司 WANCO LIMITED
產品編號 : WA-300

* The quality of the water is getting much more concerned by the human being and it also an important factor in the industrial sectors, laboratories or other fields. * In industrial sectors, it would be a great help for the quality of the products if using the good water ( more pure water ) in the process. * It may cause several diseases if home drink water existing high conductivity & contain impurities, the Pure Water Tester ( Water Quality Tester) are designed to check the purity of water (water conductivity) also can determine the condition of the " Water Filter " easily and rapidly. APPLICATION * Water conditioning, aquariums, beverage, fish hatcheries, food processing, photography, laboratory, paper industry, plating industry, quality control, school & college. * Check the condition of the water filter


PURE WATER TESTER 純水測試儀 / 水質測試器

Model : WA-300 

* Water conditioning, home, aquariums, food processing, photography, school, laboratory, industry & quality control.

* Check the condition of water filter.

* Measurement : 0 to 1999 S. 

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Pure Water Meter - WA-300  純水測試儀 / 水質測試器
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